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Career Counselling

In a world full of choices, SSG Groups offers expert Career Counselling, guiding your academic and professional journey after undergraduate studies. Our comprehensive approach considers programs, degree value, education quality, and costs in different countries.

Qualification & Specialization:

Diploma:Embark on a short-term, 1 to 2-year journey focused on practical skills. Our diploma courses, spanning industries like Industrial Training, Beauty and Hairdressing, Garment Technology, and Laboratory Technology, incorporate on-the-job training and apprenticeship.

Advanced Diploma:Take your skills to the next level with an advanced diploma, equipping you with broad knowledge for specialized work. Professionals find this extension valuable in fields like Accounting & Finance, Advertising, Animation, Aviation, and Financial Planning.

Associate Degree:Begin your academic journey at the undergraduate level with an associate’s degree. This initial stage post-secondary school provides foundational technical and academic knowledge. Explore programs like Business and Commerce Technology, Mechanical Technology, and Data Processing.

Bachelor’s Degree:Dive into a 3- to 4-year academic adventure with a bachelor’s degree, emphasizing subjects like accountancy, economics, business studies, or specialized fields such as B.Tech or MBBS. Employers often seek candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Post Graduate Certificate:Enhance your skills in a specific area with a postgraduate certificate, a document that boosts advanced skills and eligibility in professions. Typically lasting 6 months, these certificates focus on improving employability in areas like Business, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.

Post Graduate Diploma:Explore cost-effective postgraduate diploma courses designed with co-op options, offering internship opportunities with various companies and institutes. Job-oriented diploma courses can open doors to international employment opportunities.

Masters:Take a deep dive into your subject area with a master’s degree, providing a broader perspective and advanced career options. Achieve mastery in Science, Art, Law, Business, Engineering, Theology, and more with study durations ranging from 12-16 months.

Integrated PhD:For those passionate about research in Science and Engineering & Technology, our integrated PhD program offers a 5-year dual degree course. After completing a master’s degree, candidates focus on research and core PhD courses. This program is available across all disciplines, including Computer Science, Engineering, and Life Sciences.

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